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The continuing professional development of teachers is a vital aspect of eTwinning and a wide variety of different opportunites are offered to eTwinning teachers to participate.



The Learning Lab is a specially adapted platform to facilitate the online aspect of eTwinning Professional Development. It is based on the concept that one of the most effective means of developing skill and expertise as a teacher is through discussion and exchange with other teachers around particular topics, which in turn has an influence on interactions with pupils both in and outside the classroom.

Here you will find links to the popular Learning Events which continue to attract great interest among eTwinners.






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Lebendige eTwinning Projekte durch Videos - Tools und Einsatzszenarien 

Dates: 22 Sept - 10 October

Expert: Michael Gros

Language: German

Audience: All eTwinners

Applications open: 15 September
This Event will explore the effective use of video in an eTwinning project. Where we can use videos with the webcam in a project for example?  How we can use screencasts effectively for an eTwinning project?  This Event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers, experienced and inexperienced.