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The continuing professional development of teachers is a vital aspect of eTwinning and a wide variety of different opportunites are offered to eTwinning teachers to participate.



The Learning Lab is a specially adapted platform to facilitate the online aspect of eTwinning Professional Development. It is based on the concept that one of the most effective means of developing skill and expertise as a teacher is through discussion and exchange with other teachers around particular topics, which in turn has an influence on interactions with pupils both in and outside the classroom.

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Learning outside the classroom

Expert: Adam Stepinski
Dates: 30 November to 11 December 2015
Language: EN
Audience: all eTwinners 
Application open: 23 November 2015

Learning occurs in various places, not only at school. One of them are museums. Traditionally, we took advantage of museums in projects and daily teaching by paying a visit to a museum to learn new things, taking pictures, filming and interviewing museum curators for project purposes. At present interactive museums enable us to carry out experiments, visit virtual exhibitions, create online project collections, modify and make famous masterpieces alive by using web tools. Taking part in the lab participants will use museum resources creatively during consecutive stages of project work and become familiar with a bunch of new pedagogical approaches to museums in the 21st century.