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    Welcome address, Wilhelm Vukovich, European Commission

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    Teachers in Europe – Careers, development and well-being, Akvile Motiejunaite-Schulmeister, Education Policy and Systems Senior Analyst, European Commission

    Short bio: Akvile Motiejunaite-Schulmeister holds a PhD in sociology from Stockholm University, Sweden. For more than ten years, she works as an education policy and system analyst for the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. She is involved in research on teachers, early childhood education and care, mathematics and science education, languages, youth employment, tackling inequalities, etc. Akvile is interested in data development and evaluation of policy outcomes.

    Links to Reports:

    Teachers in Europe Careers, Development and Well-being

    Teachers' and School Heads' Salaries and Allowances in Europe – 2019/20

    Digital Education at School in Europe


    PowerPoint Presentation:

    Teachers in Europe - Careers, Developmet and Well-being.pdf


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    A shared European foundation by a generation of new teachers, Ilana Cicurel, Member of the European Parliament

    Short bio:  Ilana CICUREL is a French Member of the European Parliament from the Renew Europe group since February 2020 where she sits on the Committee for Culture and Education as well as on the Committee for Employment and Social Affairs. As former lawyer, she is a Fulbright Scholar from Harvard Law School. After teaching law at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University, she worked as a journalist and became director of an international network of schools. 

    This experience led Ilana Cicurel to dedicate her parliamentary work to education and vocational training, long-life learning, innovation, educational research as well as to promoting practices such as mentoring at European level. Social justice, equality, access to culture, democratic values, citizen engagement and the fight against racism and antisemitism are at the heart of her European commitment. In that perspective, Ilana Cicurel has been the Renew Europe shadow rapporteur on the Parliament’s resolution on vocational education and training (VET). More recently, she served as Renew Europe Employment rapporteur on the European Education Area. Also shadowing the file in the Committee for Culture and Education.  

    In the context of the French Presidency of the EU, Ilana Cicurel has been in charge of a governmental mission to strengthen the European dimension of the French education system. In her Report, she advocates for an increase in teachers’ mobility and a common pillar or Module on Europe in the initial training of teachers and trainers to create a shared educational culture and for the exchange of best pedagogical practices to become a reality in the classrooms of our children across the Union.  Ilana Cicurel is moreover Member of the Executive board of her political party, La République en Marche, founded by Emmanuel Macron, where she is in charge of issues linked to education, higher education and research. She is the founder of the collective of citizens ‘Je M’Engage pour l’École’, which aims to bring together civil society actors to transform educational systems and fight against inequalities. Finally, Ilana Cicurel co-founded with Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, the think tank ‘Laboratoire de la République’, where she serves as Secretary General.


    Link to Report:

    Making the School the beating heart of Europe


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    eTwinning and (Initial) Teacher Professional Development: Research, evidence, and opportunities in Italy, Maria Chiara Pettenati, Research Director INDIRE (National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research)

    Short bio: I’ve spent the last years learning a lot in teachers’ training. I’m currently applying this knowledge in my role as Research Director at INDIRE, where since 2014 I’m responsible for the online environment to support newly qualified teachers’ Induction period. On behalf of my institute and upon a mandate of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, one of my latest challenge has been coordinating a national distributed research team participated by about 70 members to study the first three years implementation of the National Teachers CPD (Continuous Professional Development Plan) – Piano Nazionale Formazione Docenti 2016/19. As Indire’s delegate in the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development in Goal 4 (Quality Education) and Target 4.7 (Education for Sustainable Development) working groups, I am passionate about bringing the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 in teachers training through Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development Education.

    Link for the Research Study: 

    The impact of eTwinning on the in-service professional development of teachers in Italy 


    PowerPoint Presentation:

    eTwinning and (Initial) Teacher Professional Development.pdf