Learning Event 2018: Coding with LibreLogo: A step back into the future

EXPERT: Andreas Robert Formiconi, Francesca Mancini DATE: 17-28.09.2018 LANGUAGE: English TARGET GROUP: Primary, secondary teachers SHORT DESCRIPTION: This Learning event will be on STEAM-oriented coding in classroom with LibreLogo, an implementation of Seymour Papert's Logo language which runs within standard ODT documents of the free office suite LibreOffice. The aims are: - Making teachers aware of the existence of free software and of the opportunity of using it in educational contexts, as a real life laboratory of sharing and collaboration - Fostering a critical discourse in order to create awareness about advantages and disadvantages about both the text-based and block-based coding systems - Deepening the teachers competencies on the use of the text-based coding language LibreLogo as a tool to improve the understanding of geometry, math and science concepts as well as a tool for free art creation.

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