Learning Event 2018: Early Years on a Project Swing – searching the balance between nature, culture and digital world

EXPERT: Anna Krzyżanowska DATE: 10-20.12.2018 LANGUAGE: English TARGET GROUP: Teachers of preschool and primary school level of education SHORT DESCRIPTION: Setting up an educational process in Preschool or first years of Primary is a piece of art. Curriculum is an obligatory frame. Creativity and effectiveness grows when keeping the well-thought-out balance between the opportunities of digital world and the inspiration from culture and nature. It`s a unique experience to play at eTwinning swing – which means playing/working together on project activities, using web resources, sharing experiences and having fun. The aims of this Learning Event are: - gaining the experience of creative educational activities based on natural and cultural heritage available in school closest environment, supported by digital tools. - reflection of educators in the area of XXI century students` needs, participation of children in learning and teachers` role in an educational process - awareness in the matter of risk of nature-deficit disorder versus children`s native openness on digital world (side-effect when there is too much emphasis given into indoor learning) - sharing good practice examples in the area of using cultural, natural and digital stimuli within eTwinning projects.

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